Is The Chutter made of the newest technology and space age polymers?

No, you have been down that road and look how well it has worked for you. The Chutter utilizes K.I.S.S. technoloy. Keep It Simple Stupid!

How did you come up with the idea of The Chutter?

It started with a rough start on the course one day, and way too many Bananas in me! After getting frustrated and breaking my club all I was left with was a shaft. I ended up throwing a Banana on the end of it and my short game was ressurrected ever since. Our production models aren't made out of Bananas, but you can see the resemblence.

Will this definitely improve my short game?

You call that a short game? You will be winning Bananas off of your friends in no time. The Chutter simplifies the art of chipping and pitching around the green. Quit sweating over those tricky chips and let The Chutter do the work.

Why does this look like a club my Grandma used to use?

I don't know, but I assume she probably had a much better short game than you.